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The College of Magic Charity

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~ Here at SA Online, we aren’t only about online services. We support various causes near and dear to our hearts. The College of Magic is one of those because we do whatever we can in uplifting communities and supporting those society left behind. Giving stages to those who want to be heard is a worthy cause. We purposely make time for our community projects, and it comes in various forms, donations, time, and exposure. Our involvement with the College of Magic has been a wonderful opportunity for us to help.  


Recently we reached out to the College of Magic to sponsor a course to a youngster. The College of Magic by the way supports entrepreneurship and you would be surprised how many successful business people have walked from their front doors. The experience for students is amazing, it has given us a thousand reasons to smile. Can someone say Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley in the making? We think so!

The College of Magic

What happens behind those doors?


Let’s look at what the course is all about, and what the student has been up to thus far.


~ The College of Magic offers a 15-week course dedicated to all-things magic. Here, students will not only learn about magic, but they are afforded the opportunity to learn about themselves, build confidence and work on their blossoming personalities. These are qualities needed when performing those cool magic tricks. They also learn about presentation skills, the theory of entertainment, and how to keep the audience hanging on their every move. Our sponsored student is fitting in well with this course. It’s boosted her confidence, and she enjoys engaging with the various magic props and tools that she gets to use every week. Magic wand, anyone?

SA Online Charity

While this course is focused on magic, the student has the chance to cultivate friendships with her fellow classmates. She has noted that she thoroughly enjoys the course and her magical journey and is eager to show her new-found skills to her friends, family, and community. While she might not be learning wingardium leviosa, she’s definitely receiving the magical tools she needs to succeed. 


You know that it takes 6 years to become a professional magician?


Overall, the student is encouraged to be confident, and to also interact during classes, as well as with her classmates and online volunteers. Each week, students can showcase what they have learnt in a short performance. They receive feedback from the teachers and have a chance to explain their magic tricks. Every graduate gains extra support in life skills such as:

  • Physical control
  • Motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Focus
  • Communication skills


~ We are so proud to be able to contribute to this magical reality. Our business is proud to also sponsor this non-profit, its website and hosting support. Take a peek at their website:


Please check out all of our projects. We focus on education, we work with the homeless and animals too!


And if you are looking to donate towards a good cause, anything from R25 will quite literally help us to feed a homeless person or support an animal.


We ended this post with a nice little picture of our Founder with this year’s Cape Champs winners!

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